Late Night Rant.

I haven’t been on tumblr in so long and tonight, I suddenly felt the urge to vent out my frustrations with my keyboard. I apologize in advance if I bore any of you after hour tumblr heads. So I come home from a long and tiring day at work, lay in bed, think about what’s recently been going on in my life and then a question suddenly comes to mind that will most likely keep me up for the rest of the night…How can you go from talking to someone every single day to acting as if that person doesn’t exist? It seems like a person’s brain, out of nowhere, just decides “oh, our relationship hit a little bump in the road, so let’s pretend like none of what we shared was real and never speak to each other ever again.” How did we have the conversations we had, felt the way we felt, and then act like complete strangers? Do we really have that much pride in hearts that we can’t even say hi anymore. I fucking miss you, but will you ever know? Probably not. Who am I to give in so easily and talk to you first when you were the one who stopped talking to me? I admit I have too much pride, but you not taking the initiative to talk to me shows that you must not really care about our friendship. But see, I realized everything I just said is probably the same exact thing you’re thinking about me. But then again, I could be wrong and you actually could care less. You see how one thought can turn into 21 thoughts? This is me over-thinking and I hate it. With a passion. Why can’t I be more like people who seriously do not give a fuck about anything? Life would be so much easier for me, but no. Unfortunately, it is in my nature to think the way I do. And you haven’t even heard the best part. You, whoever is reading this, probably thought I was only talking about one person earlier. The thing is, this has happened multiple times, with more than one person. With boys, girls, and even family…and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of people walking in and out of my life like it’s nothing. All these bullshit people telling me that they’re there for me when they’re really not makes me so grateful to have the close-knit friends that I have, they’re honestly all I really need. I’ve made the same mistake of giving my all to someone to have it just get tossed aside like trash too many times to count. It’s time I finally learn my lesson. I’m never trusting anyone so easily ever again. I don’t need no half-ass fake “friends” If you’re really tryna be apart of my life, you better prove to me every single damn day that you’re 100% real with me.

Haven’t been on tumblr in so long.

This feels kinda weird for me…


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